*Alchemist: A person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process

Ice Lolly Alchemist...

As a mum, I always wondered if there was a way for Zachary to enjoy a frozen treat, without having to worry about the sugar content and artificial additives...


I often heard mums in the playground, sharing their concerns about how their children didn't want to eat any vegetables, and that made me think that maybe, just maybe... I was into something with this idea.

So, one day I started experimenting adding vegetables, and super foods like spirulina, to create some natural colouring and chia seeds to create a delicious consistency...and that's how Zach's Ice Lollies were born!

I have a commitment to our environment too, that's why our delicious ice lollies are in biodegradable wrappers.

Where to find us


Lovely Cornwall & Devon, UK


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Tel: +44 794 842 7074


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